One-Time Workshops

What are One-Time Workshops?

One-Time Workshops will be hosted throughout the entire school year. They are separate from the Seminar Series, and they offer in-depth explorations of computational literacy topics. Unlike in the Seminar Series, some One-Time Workshops may be half- or full-day deeper dives on a topic.

One-Time Workshops are geared toward the same student who will take the Seminar: students with interests in digital media, user experience and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) but with very little or no programming/technical experience.

If you are graduate student and would like to propose a workshop, please review our Workshop Call for Proposals.

Fall Quarter Workshop

Date: Sunday, October 8, 2017
Time: 11:00AM to 3:00PM
Location: Frances Searle Building, Room 1483
Pizza included for lunch; served around 1:00PM.
Enrollment will be capped at 20 students, so register now!

Title: How Beginners Can Learn to Code Through Open Source Projects

Do you want to learn programming skills, but feel unsure of where to start, who to ask, and what to ask them? You are not alone. Contributing to open-source projects (e.g., Wikipedia, Linux, others) has helped many people to become programmers and this one-time Computing Everywhere workshop will show you where to start as a beginner. Students will learn about:

  • Contributing code to shared programming projects as a way to grasp the art of programming.
  • How to ask and answer questions on a QA platform, like StackOverflow or Quora, so that others with similar questions can learn and the crowd will generate a good answer.
  • Making contributions other than code, like design feedback, bug reporting, or feature requests.

***This workshop carries no academic credit, but will appear on your transcript as “COMM ST 149 Computing Everywhere” with S/U grading based on attendance/participation. It does not increase your total credits, course count, etc.